It's Back!

So I'm sprinting down Meredith, 3.75 miles into my 4 mile run, trying to get it done in 33 minutes (which was no easy task today considering the brisk wind and the intense pain in my hamstrings after yesterday's Spartan class (pulling tractor tires, aptly named "County Fair")), and I almost bowl over what?  A BIG FOX SNAKE!  I'm glad no cars were around to see it, because I definitely screamed and jumped and the stupid snake killed my time because my heart rate got too high. 

We signed a lease today.  We are officially moving into Mulberry Lofts on June 15. (http://www.mulberrylofts.com/ for anyone interested).  I think it's especially neat that our landlord is renting the unit from May 1-June 15 to one of the Chicago Cubs who will be playing for Iowa during that time.  Our landlord told Joey who it was but my dear husband, bless his apathy for sports, doesn't remember.  I'm going to find out and see if I can get some signed stuff!

We had to put a "diplomatic clause" into our lease which enables us to move out at any point during our lease as long as we give 30 days notice.  We thought for sure we'd be in the September A-100 (training) class, but apparently the diplomatic security agent finished his investigation today and told Joey his security clearance should be complete in no more that 2 weeks and that it was very likely they could call us for July or August.  Robert (the DSS agent) then asked Joey if the next time he was in town if they could meet to go over Robert's finances.  This is a prime example of what my mother-in-law refers to as "S.F. Joey"


Snake Update

Just in case anyone was wondering, Joey emailed that picture to the DNR, who declared it a fox snake.  And though creepy and icky and all around awful, fox snakes aren't venomous.  Actually, according to the woman at the DNR, you can discern venomous snakes from their pupils, which are vertically split like cats, whereas non-venomous snakes have round pupils.  The DNR lady then made a good point that most people won't get close enough to a snake to analyze its pupils.  Correct.


Pretty sure we have found a place to live for the summer.  Really cool furnished loft downtown in the Mulberry Lofts building.  Thank God that's taken care of.

I really don't like it when my husband stands behind me and reads as I write.  Or talks to me while I'm trying to form coherent sentences.  Now he's throwing George's seal at me.  I love being married to a 5 year old.

 This has been such a gorgeous spring with all of the blooming trees and great weather - makes me a little nostalgic about leaving our house - after the last 2 summers we spent planting trees and perennials and sprucing up the yard we won't get to see them mature - but we won't really have to put in the work either so I guess it's a trade off.
Speaking of our yard, found this in it today.  Actually, the dogs found it.  They were all up on the hill and I saw George spring off the ground like Tigger and then Moe followed suit.  Tina proceeded to howl at it and so I trudged up to see what in the world they were up to and sure enough there was this big, creepy snake.  Luckily the dogs were okay and Joey says it's gone now but I'm not about to go up there to check.  As far as I'm concerned I'm taking the dogs out in the front yard until we move.  Eww.


Titles are gay

Hence the title of my blog.

Over the last 2 days I have been in correspondence with about 20 different rental properties trying to find a place for my husband, his dog, Moe, George and me to live from June 25 until September 13.  Not like finding a 3 month lease isn't hard enough but try getting somebody to agree to do that and take your 3 dogs.  And this is just in Des Moines.

Joey has been dealing with the DC living situation and that is even more fun.   One place actually told him they don't accept beagles.  Given Tina's behavior last night (peed all down the stairs for no apparent reason), I wish I could say I don't accept beagles either.  But instead I married one.