Today was a big day - we got rid of the last of our furniture. Our friends Kate and Matt bought our living room set, kitchen table and chairs and our bedroom set today. They were nice enough to leave us our mattress, box spring and bed frame so we don't have to sleep on the floor for the next month, but they took everything else! First we sold the patio furniture last week, then we sold the office furniture, then we sold the futon and now it's all gone. Thank God Mom and Dad were nice enough to loan us a few folding tables so we've got one in the kitchen on which to eat, one in the family room as our "staging area" (Joey suggested we clean out the garage and use that until I reminded him our house is empty) and one in the office. Joey's getting out the old lawn chairs now for the family room and he said "It's like 4 years ago when we bought these things" when we were waiting for our furniture to arrive in the townhouse! Kinda crazy how it's all come full circle.  Moe is totally confused. He really seems at a loss without the furniture. George and Max are loving all the extra room to play. I think I'm really going to miss my dresser tomorrow morning at 5:30 am when I'm scrambling to get to work on time and can't find my underwear.
It really does make things seem a lot more final. When we got home tonight from David's drum show and my cute counter table and chairs were gone it did make me a little sad but it is kind of cathartic and cleansing too - we are no longer going to be defined by our possessions I guess! The only piece of furniture we haven't sold is our settees/banquettes (whatever you want to call them). I can't decide what to do with them. I love them but I know I can't take them with me and I know I can store them but who knows if I'll want them when/if we are done with this adventure. Then there's the little things that I can't decide whether or not to take with me or store, like the art we bought on our honeymoon. If we leave it here and store it, we won't get to enjoy it but then we don't risk it being lost or damaged in transit. Lots of hard decisions!  Every time I move I'm reminded how much crap I accumulate.  Even after selling all the furniture and my parent's garage sale this weekend in which I sold a ton of crap, we still have so much stuff that we need to sort through.  I think learning to live with less is going to be a very valuable experience.