It's Official!

Well it's official - Joey's first day of work is September 13th.  He got his invitation to join the September training class tonight around 8 (after literally checking his email every 3 minutes).  After jumping up and down, he promptly replied with his acceptance.  We should receive a packet containing more detailed information regarding the move in the mail soon.  Now that we know he is in the September class, we also know we will find out in October to what country we will be moving and when we will be making that really big move.

It still really hasn't sunk in yet for me.  We made all the phone calls - Mom and Dad, Mal, Lizz, Grammy and Papa and of course the Cordaros but after all this time of everything being hypothetical and nothing concrete it still feels that way.  It's crazy to actually have a date - now we can finally make living arrangments and get everything regarding the move nailed down!