so proud of my hubby

I can't help it - a girl's gotta brag.  I'm married to an incredible man.  Not only is he an amazing husband who is patient beyond measure, supportive, dedicated, loving, loyal, giving, kind, funny, smart and a great cook, Joey is also an amazing GSO.  Earlier this year he received a Superior Honor Award for his work in Abuja, but this morning he received even greater recognition as runner-up for GSO of the Year, second only to an officer in Kabul, Afghanistan (not in any way diminishing the work of the hundreds of GSOs all over the world).  

I've personally witnessed how diligently, tenaciously and tirelessly Joey's worked here in Abuja, and it's nice to know some other people noticed too.  (Even if his CDO (career development officer) didn't.  When she denied his request to extend in Abuja she told him, "we are confident any other first-tour officer will be able to do the same."  How confident are you now?  Way to make your employees feel valued.  Okay maybe my juvenile retort isn't necessary but I still remember how disheartened he was by her response.)  So anyway, I'm just damn proud of him.  Abuja may be lucky to have Joey on their side for two years, but I'm even luckier - I get him the rest of my life.

Okay now you have permission to gag just a little.