Joey forgot to mention on his blog that he was so excited about his new cowboy boots that we had to find a mall so he could buy jeans to wear with his new boots last night.  After driving the 6 miles to the mall (which featured stores like Tiffany, Louis Vuitton and Stuart Weitzman), going to three stores to try on jeans (it must be an Italian thing where finding jeans that fit is just about impossible - Joey would have been perfectly happy in the baggiest pair he could find but I'm a pain in the ass and make him wear jeans that he considers a pain in the ass), buying a pair of $100 pair of jeans that weren't too baggy and weren't "constricting his legs," I decided he should have packed jeans in his "carry-on" (aka accessible bag taken to and from hotels along the way) and that we didn't need to drop $100 on jeans that he already has - in the car - and so he didn't get to wear his boots last night.  As I write this Joey is downstairs in the parking garage digging through the car for a pair of jeans he already owns so he can wear his boots today.  And on our way to St. Louis we are returning the jeans.

Our two days in Smithville were wonderful - relaxing, rejuven- ating - I  mean after hiking through these gorgeous woods for an hour we find this 90 ft waterfall with a private swimming hole and since we were the only guests on the property we had it all to ourselves.  Amazing.  It was easy to forget that we'd just left our entire lives behind us and are just treading water in limbo land.  Unfortunately you can't stay under a waterfall all day and once we got on the road to Nashville it was like somebody turned the stress switch back on, which, unfortunately for my husband, also means the bitch switch.  Hence the drama over blue jeans mentioned above.  Over a fabulous dinner last night we agreed to stop nitpicking each other and actually be the support system to each other that we promised to be. 

Joey just emerged from the bathroom all dressed for the day - in his jeans and cowboy boots.  "What do you think?" he asked me - I responded with the same question.  His reply? "I think they're awesome!"