i'll catch up eventually

Joey and I just got back yesterday from a two week trip to Tanzania with his cousin and her husband.  Only a few weeks before that, we were lucky enough to spend 11 days in Italy with my family.  This should equate to something like 25 blog posts if I were to do each day of our travels justice, but that might take a while.  Oh, and I still have never blogged about my amazingly brave sister's visit to Nigeria.  Last May.  So I'm a little behind...

Right now, though, I'm squinting to see the computer screen from beside the pool.  I got a pretty good tan in Zanzibar and I'm trying to keep it up.  We'll see.

However, lest anyone think Joey and I are living too much a charmed life, I direct them to my sister, my last post, or to the owner of the desk next to mine, who discovered rat shit all over her workspace this morning (that creature was last spotted Thursday in the bathroom.  Remind me to never drink or eat before work again.  It's probably not healthy to hold it for five hours, but it's probably healthier than being bitten by a rat.  Or cobra.).  Maybe my office should put up a sign like this one erected outside the Abuja airport.