scenes from my run this morning

a woman crouched over a sizzling skillet on the sidewalk...a pack of chickens, including two roosters and one baby chick...three women dressed in traditional African garb and neon yellow construction vests,each stooped with a tiny cluster of branches, brushing the side of the road...eight guys in front of the concrete shell of a giant house turned makeshift distribution facility, loading glass pop bottles and two-gallon clear plastic canisters of freshly baked croissants into their kelly-green wheelbarrows...a woman with a baby tied on her back...an old man, dressed in a long cream tunic, matching pants and fez, sitting on the sill of a wall ...a young man, dressed in neon green, orange and electric blue swirls...a beat-up, old, green taxi beeping its way down the road...a group of men sitting around a plastic table in the middle of an open lot....a chicken nibbling on a watermelon rind outside the fruit market...and a chubby little boy on a bike, who told me, "It's a nice day for a run!"