Some pics from lately

Everything all packed up
The view of the top of the waterfall
The craziest caterpillar I've ever seen - it looks like a Yorkie in a vest and sunglasses.  This was only one of many, many bugs encountered in the wilderness.  I was very brave.

We went on the brewery tour during our stop in St. Louis on our way home from Nashville.  I seriously still can't get over how many people thought it was acceptable to bring their completely unruly children on a brewery tour.  Seriously, beer and screaming kids shouldn't be paired together.

Driving Across the Country with 3 Dogs Day 1

We are in Indian- apolis tonight.  I know I said in an earlier post that we were going to spend our first night in Bloomington, but since we didn't have all the papers we needed to get residence in Tennessee we have to go back on our way to DC (not really on the way).  Even though the Tennessee government website lists different documents that can suffice for your birth certificate and social security card, those are what they really want and since we didn't have them last week we had to get them yesterday in Des Moines and will present them Friday in Tennessee.  Nothing like taking a 24 hour drive before your cross-country drive and then having to drive back.  At least this time it's only 8 hours out of the way and the drive through the Smoky Mountains will be incredible.

Saying goodbyes to Mom, Dad, Mal and Lizz yesterday was a little easier than I thought.  Probably because we just left for a road trip and so it still kind of just feels like we're on another road trip.  Or maybe because I get to see them next month in New Orleans for Ryan and Shannon's wedding so that makes it easy to get to Christmas.  

The dogs have been angels - I really can't believe that after picking them up at the kennel yesterday we had no accidents at my parents house, our hotel in Des Moines or at the hotel here in Indy.  George rode with me - yes, we are driving both cars because mine didn't sell - we're hoping to have better luck in DC - I put his bed on the passenger seat and he curled up in it and slept all day.  

Joey had a little less luck - Moe and Max rode in the back seat of the Volvo - this morning around 11 I watched as Joey hit a cone in the road and totally scraped the side of the car.  When I called him to see what happened he said Moe woke up.  Luckily the damage is pretty superficial and everybody was okay.  No incidents since then.