Joey turned 28 last month, which we celebrated with our friends Lena and Omar and Nadine and Brian. Lena and Omar have a brick oven on their compound, which we used to make homemade pizzas with the Graziano's Italian sausage I brought from home.  Chocolate peanut butter bars rounded out the evening (as well as my backside).

My present for Joey didn't arrive in time, but thankfully he still had a gift to open, complements of M.  She got him the shirt he's wearing in the photos. 

My Christmas present for Joey has already arrived: I ordered it as soon as I realized Joey's birthday present would be late.  Unfortunately, Joey intercepted the box at the Embassy and opened it.  He came home with the mail and said, "Somebody got us something really cool, but I don't know who it's from."  At least he liked it...

Joey's Christmas present: a coaster for each place of significance.

So now I have no presents to put under the tree for my husband.  But I do have a pretty tree.  Add Home Alone on TV yesterday (at which I only shed a few tears), homemade eggnog courtesy of Joey (which tasted just like AE Dairy's), and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Inside...