How Moe Lost his Tail

A tired Moe and his little nub
Moe lost his tail yesterday.  He still has a little nub - a little longer than George's - but the long, bloody whip that was his tail is gone. 

When we went to pick him up at the vet, the technician sat with us for about fifteen minutes to go over all of his medications and care for his wound.  After explaining everything, she went back to go get him.  Moe and his giant cone burst through the door, flailing everywhere and dragging the poor little technician behind him.  While she was doubled over with both hands on the leash trying to hold onto him, he had already managed to lose his bandage.  So after a quick greeting, the technician picked the bandage up off the floor and took Moe back for bandaging round two.  When he came flailing through the door the second time, she was holding the cone - she suggested that maybe one of us sit in the back of the car with him to prevent him from licking his tail - and she told us to feel free to call in fifteen minutes when the bandage came off again.

A very sleepy Moe snuggling his very sleepy Daddy snuggling his very adept, contortionist photographer wife on our very small couch

Banging his cone into the door
We took Moe for a little walk before putting him in the car; he kept wobbling off curbs.  We're not sure if its the cone, the loss of his tail or the drugs - probably a combination of all three - but his balance was pretty off.  Today it seems better and so far the bandage has held, but man he hates the cone.  Last night he just stood there and kind of moaned whenever he was wearing his cone.  Today he alternates between pouting and running around the house trying to smash it off - banging it into the doors, walls, furniture - much like he used to do with his tail come to think of it...
This morning, pouting.