Car Woes

Well Joey just called from Tampa...he arrived there yesterday at 3:30 and is just now leaving for Des Moines with the car we purchased on Ebay.  Why the delay you ask?  Where should I start...first, when he arrived in Tampa he called the car dealer who, even though Joey called and arranged to pick up the car on Friday, said he wasn't expecting him and that he wouldn't be able to deliver the car until 8 am Saturday morning.  So this morning, after picking up the car, Joey stopped for gas, upon which he realized there was no rear differential.  I have no idea what a rear differential is but apparently it has something to do with 4WD.  So although the car was advertised on Ebay as 4WD, it was only 2WD.  Awesome. We specifically sought out a 4WD car in the event we get posted to a country with bad roads or snow (so anywhere) and now after flying to Florida and staying overnight, he figures this out.  Joey drove back to the dealer who apologized but said there really wasn't much he could do without the approval of his manager who wouldn't be in the office until Monday.  So he agreed to take another $1500 off the car.  I think it's just about the most unethical, illegal thing I've ever heard.  You sell a car on Ebay and then it's not as promised and Joey had to figure it out?  What would have happened if he hadn't figured it out until he got it back to Iowa?  Then we totally would have been SOL.  I guess the joke's on us...I mean, duh, who is dumb enough to buy a car on Ebay?  We are I guess.  The bank check is supposed to clear Monday and then this dealer (who got 106  5-star reviews on Ebay - 100% positive rating) is getting lambasted in my review.  I guess one positive aspect is we got the car for far less than its blue book value so when we get posting we can sell it if need be and not lose any money.  But the whole point was to buy a car and be done with it...ugh what do you do?  You live you learn - and don't buy cars on Ebay.