Happy Margarita Day! I asked a woman at the Starbucks drive through today if she'd be celebrating Cinco De Mayo and she replied, "I don't drink. I'm allergic to alcohol." I decided to keep trying and so I said, "Well are you going to have some chips and salsa and maybe some guacamole?" To which I received the terse reply, "No, I will be working all night." Whoa. Sorry, apparently you're allergic to fun too.

Not all the people who come through the Starbucks drive-through are jerks. Some are very giving, like the guy today who handed me a five and told me he'd like to pay for the car behind him and to keep whatever change was left. The girl behind him ended up owing 19 cents so she gave me her card and asked to pay for the car behind her, which was almost $7. So when I informed the woman in the next car her that she had just received her breakfast for free, she didn't even bother to ask how much it would cost to pay for the car behind her! Sometimes the pay-it-forward lasts for twenty or more cars in a row, but then you get the selfish idiots like that girl. Oh well.

Joey and I are selling almost everything we own. Family room furniture, kitchen table and chairs, bedroom furniture, office furniture, patio furniture, loads of books, a punching bag and that's just the beginning. The majority we've listed on Craigslist, and wow, are those people fun to deal with. Today I get an email from a guy about the punching bag. "Do you have gloves?" he asks. We do. I tell him we'll sell him the bag (listed for $45) and the gloves for $50. He writes back and says that all he has is $40. So I told him that we'd happily sell him the bag for that. So then he writes back again and says "How about both for $45?" Now where did you get that other $5, dude? I thought you only had $40? Ugh!