ordinary update

We just got back from an incredible four days in Cape Town.  I can't even begin to explain how much we loved it there, so I won't.  Yet.  My sister pointed out what I've been thinking for awhile - my blog has become more of a travel blog than about my every day life.  I'm not complaining about the travels; I'm certainly not going to stop blogging about them either, but I am going to try to give more frequent updates.  There's always a little funny story or quote I think, "I should blog about that," and then get side-tracked.  So that's the goal anyway...

Speaking of funny little quotes, once a week, M. makes us tuna salad for lunch (there are some perks to living in Nigeria).  Actually it's every Tuesday; I have a little spreadsheet with what she makes each day (yes, I love Excel and I know I am a nerd and I don't know why I felt the need to share that but then that gets into why I feel the need to share any of this shit and I don't feel like getting into that today.  I digress...).  Recently we ran out of the Costco tuna from our shipment, and that Monday as M. prepared to make our lunch, she asked Joey what she should use.  He pointed to the other brand of tuna on the shelf.

"But I thought that was chicken?"  M. asked.

Yes, M. is apparently channeling Jessica Simpson.  Either that or Chicken of the Sea needs to consider re-branding.