Pretty sure we have found a place to live for the summer.  Really cool furnished loft downtown in the Mulberry Lofts building.  Thank God that's taken care of.

I really don't like it when my husband stands behind me and reads as I write.  Or talks to me while I'm trying to form coherent sentences.  Now he's throwing George's seal at me.  I love being married to a 5 year old.

 This has been such a gorgeous spring with all of the blooming trees and great weather - makes me a little nostalgic about leaving our house - after the last 2 summers we spent planting trees and perennials and sprucing up the yard we won't get to see them mature - but we won't really have to put in the work either so I guess it's a trade off.
Speaking of our yard, found this in it today.  Actually, the dogs found it.  They were all up on the hill and I saw George spring off the ground like Tigger and then Moe followed suit.  Tina proceeded to howl at it and so I trudged up to see what in the world they were up to and sure enough there was this big, creepy snake.  Luckily the dogs were okay and Joey says it's gone now but I'm not about to go up there to check.  As far as I'm concerned I'm taking the dogs out in the front yard until we move.  Eww.