Joey and I landed in Paris yesterday.   We've spent the last two days eating cheese, foie gras, baguettes, dark cherries and chocolate; wandering the city and drinking way too much wine with our friends Craig (Tex) and Sujata.  Sujata and Joey were in the same A-100 class in DC; especially after the past 48 hours here I'd say she definitely got the short end of the stick as far as postings go.  But she's been quite gracious to let us crash in her gorgeous apartment with its parquet floors, tall, molded ceilings and huge windows that open to a gorgeous view of the city.  I mean, it's no Abuja, but not everybody can live in paradise like Joey and me.   

Regardless, our vacation is off to a wonderful start.  Yesterday we climbed a million stairs to visit the Sacre Coure and Joey got to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time.  Actually, Sujata lives very near the Eiffel Tower so we've been able to walk past it several times and it's just so cool.  We even ran by it this morning.  Can you imagine being able to run by the Eiffel Tower every day?  Anyway, this afternoon Sujata was kind enough to invite us to the US Embassy and family Fourth of July reception at the US Ambassador's house (a gift from the French to the US after WWII, and oh my God what a gift).  Afterward we slowly meandered past the Musee d'Orsay, the Lourve and Notre Dame. 

Now it's naptime while we wait for Craig and Sujata to get off work and then we're off to dinner and drinks.  More eating and drinking through Paris awaits us tomorrow, then Sunday the four of us head to Provence.  We're going to see the lavender and Joey and Tex can hardly contain their excitement!