i think i'll work backward

It's been a while so I'll start with what's new and work my way back...

I started working again.  At my old, old job.  My second contract fell through, despite all the assurances otherwise from that boss, so after three months of sitting at home alone all day with nothing to do, the quickly diminishing quality of my mental health demanded that I finally get a job.  Luckily the employee association (Abuja job number 1) was willing to take me back, so although the work is primarily bookkeeping and pays me in a week what I used to make in a day, at least I get some human interaction during the day.  My mood has improved markedly already.  

Having any job proceeds is also an improvement.  Obviously I've already spent my first week's paycheck, but I'd like to think that I used it to make the an investment in my future.  I've been thinking about doing this for the last three years, and since on a whole I'm utterly miserable here anyway, it seemed like a better use of my time than sitting around moping: yoga teacher training for three weeks in October.  In Thailand.  I can't wait.

Besides that amazing personal experience for me to look forward to, Joey and I are both excited for our upcoming vacation in Mozambique with our friends L&O on an island-hopping safari, and a romantic trip to Victoria Falls for our five-year anniversary.  I'm also excited to report a trip back to Des Moines in August to spend more time with my family, since the last visit in May was such a whirlwind it felt like we were in and out in the blink of an eye.  Unfortunately all these trips during the last few months of Joey's tour mean we'll be spending a lot of time apart, but he's been so busy with work and I've been so damn depressed we both know it's the best thing for us and our marriage right now.

And before we know it, it will be December 1 and we will be done, done, done with this horrible place and onto our next adventure.  What that will be still remains to be seen, but as long as we're together we'll make it work.