Dog Days of Summer

In addition to trying to find a place to live in DC (as Joey mentioned, we finally accomplished this late last week - it's not the same place I talked about in an earlier post - the place we decided on is a little less walkable but seems to be a lot more liveable - can anyone say 2 bathrooms?), trying to figure out travel plans to DC (which involved the purchase of a car (I won't even delve into the conundrum of what car to buy - given each country has different restrictions on every facet down to age and color) on Ebay last night, yes Ebay, so now we have additional travel plans to Tampa to pick up the car), training for a marathon (thank you everyone for your donations!), and dealing with the dogs (I'll get into them later), we've tried to carve out some dedicated time to spend with family (which I know I have been failing miserably at but just add it to the list).  So, in an attempt to get some quality time with Joey's little brother, David, we took him to Chicago for a couple of days.  Here's a few pictures of the trip.
Joey and David on our architectural cruise of the Chicago River (it was hot!)

The movie, Transformers 3, is currently being filmed downtown.
We took David to the Signature Room Lounge at the 96th floor of the Hancock Building - the doorman had to "make an exception" to let him in on a Monday night.
Joey and David outside Hot Doug's hot dog shop - we waited in line for at least half an hour for a hot dog (as shown on Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations")