a better day

Wow - thank you so much for all the kind comments!  Sometimes I feel like I'm being so negative and then I feel guilty about being negative which just makes me even more negative.

Today I'm trying to be positive. 

Last weekend we upgraded our internet service to wireless.  It's wonderful because 1. I am no longer chained to the desk in our "bonus room" (notice the more frequent blogging?) and 2. it is fast!  Welcome back streaming videos!  And what amazing combination does wireless internet and streaming videos produce?  Yoga on demand by the pool.  Yes, that's right, this afternoon my yoga mat, laptop and I headed out to the pool and sweated through a yoga class from my favorite yoga studio (www.corepoweryoga.com) in the States.  I believe this is going to tremendously improve my mood.  Granted, the computer battery died right in the ending stretches (my favorite part) and I had to switch one of the videos a few minutes in because it wasn't streaming properly, the bugs were rampant, and I could hear Moe yipping from his kennel half the time (thank God I am the only one in our neighborhood who doesn't work full-time and no one else was home), and the Nigerian compound staff kept walking by, staring, wondering what in the world this oyibo was up to today, but all-in-all, I got a hot yoga class and I feel good.