Starbucks rant

Okay I can't seem to get over this and so I'm hoping that writing it down will make me feel better.

Yesterday an order came through the drive-through for 2 Venti (24 oz) Caramel Frappucinos with extra caramel sauce.  I made the chemically ridden, fattening monstrosities with extra caramel and went to the window to hand them out.  Sure enough, waiting, practically drooling, was an enormously fat couple.  The woman was so fat she barely fit in the seat of her minivan.  Seriously.  So I give them their drinks, shut the window, scoff, and move on with my day.

Two hours later, the drive-through dings, and we get another order for 2 Venti Extra Caramel Frappucinos.  Lots of people order this crap, so not thinking anything of it, I make them and go to the window to hand them out.  It's the same people!   Their 1500 calorie drinks weren't enough to tide them over for more than 2 hours and they shamelessly came back for more!  I couldn't hide my surprise and said "You're back!"  And they glared at me like I was the one with the problem!  You'd think they'd at least go to a different drive-through! 

So glad that my taxes are going to subsidize those people's healthcare.  Because they can afford $20 in Frappucinos a day but not their health premiums.

I really think that if they come through twice today I'm going to tell them that since bartenders are allowed to use their discretion as to when to stop serving their customers, as a barista, I'm using my professional discretion to stop serving their fat asses.