Need Ice Cream

I'm having a bad day.

First, I signed up last week for a photography class, "DC Photo Safari."  It started today at 9:45 and who was fifteen minutes late even though she left half an hour early because she walked past the meeting point?  Oh, me.  I forgot the stupid diagonal streets in this town mean that just because one side of the street is one name, the other side isn't necessarily the same street!  Take for example, Pennsylvania Avenue.  Kinda hard to miss, seeing as the White House is on it, right?  Well I figured that because you take New York Ave to get to the White House, the other side of the White House must be the Pennsylvania side since that is New York Avenue.  Um, no.  So I walked past Pennsylvania Avenue, right past my group, an extra three or four blocks until I passed the other side of the White House...luckily by then the instructor had called and directed me back to where I needed to be.

Then, maybe ten minutes into the photo class, my battery started losing juice.  Within an hour it was completely dead.  Come on!  So I got some pictures but none using the time I would have liked to compose them and none actually employing the techniques we learned today.  At least I had already gotten the instructor to agree to let me attend the afternoon session next week so I didn't have to leave the dogs unattended all day, so I will have a fully charged battery next time, but still!

After discovering a great salad place, Chop't, I headed home to let the dogs out.  I took Moe and George separately over to the little "dog park" by our house.  I came back inside to discover I had stepped in shit.  It was all over my shoe and pant leg.  Disgusting.

Then I got my period.

Then, after a trip to the grocery store, I attempted to stop at a dessert place, because chocolate was very called for at this point.  In parking the car I almost ran over a biker, who knocked on the window of the car to tell me so. 

The dessert place was closed, so in a last-ditch attempt to make the day better, we stopped at CVS for Ben & Jerry's.  They closed 4 minutes earlier.   Now I am ice cream-less, hormonal, and crabby, and just spent the last half hour scrubbing shit off my shoe and blood off the carpet (because of course Moe's tail is bleeding).