bug pose

Well, yoga by the pool with the sun setting in the background seemed like a great idea.  I'm not really sure how considering most nights I'm willing to forgo comfort in the heat with long pants and long-sleeve shirts to avoid the mosquitos I didn't think they'd be just waiting for me by the pool.  So I spent the last hour down-dog swatting and smack- ing and now I will spend the next several days itching and scratching.  Ugh.

I also couldn't help but notice the infestation of dead flies in the pool.  My sister is coming to visit in the next few weeks (I am so excited!) - after seeing this lovely picture she is going to be excited too.

Then I noticed the giant pile of dead flies (are they even flies?) over by the drain - seriously, what in the world?  Our friends told us about one bug that if you smack while it's biting you, it causes a chemical burn and your skin blisters and peels.  Apparently around this time last year several people here experienced that first-hand.  I'm really hoping these flies/bugs/whatever are not the same.  Otherwise I guess I'll have some great pictures for my blog.