As mentioned earlier, we left Sunday for a few days in Orlando to celebrate the completion of move #1 as well as the completion of Joey's Master's degree (congrats baby!).  Joey's friend, Craig (Tex), met us there.  Here's a few more pictures from the trip:

The three of us Monday night at Margaritaville.

Tuesday, at Epcot, for our unofficial Disney World Beer Tour.  The three of us split a beer in each of the ten countries: Moosehead (Canada), Boddington's (UK), Kronenbourg (France), Spaten (Germany), Tsing Tsao (China), Carlsberg (Norway, which come to find out is actually Danish beer), Dos Equis (Mexico), Birra Moretti (Italy), Kirin (Japan), and finally, Casa (Morocco).  

A vacation with Joey would not be complete without a tale of his plain dumb luck (SF Joey, as his mom likes to say).  We booked this trip a while ago through Hilton Grand Vacations.  We got a great deal on the hotel in exchange for a two hour presentation on their timeshares.  (Note to Hilton: next time you want someone to buy into your property, don't put them in a room with mold on the ceiling, a crappy old A/C unit and rusty tiles in the bathroom).  Anyway, Tuesday morning we were scheduled at 9 for our tour.  We got there, waited, waited and waited - finally, at 9:30 someone came over and said they were running behind and would it be alright if we didn't go on our tour?  So she gave us our $200 certificate good toward a future night at Hilton and then sent us on our merry way - no high pressure sales pitch or anything!  Only my husband is lucky enough to get a timeshare promotional rate and then not have to attend the promotion!

This afternoon we're off to Minneapolis for the Red, White and Boom Half Marathon on the Fourth of July and a long weekend with another one of Joey's college friends, Bill.

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  1. Mmmmm, I'm going to guess that's a picture of Boddington's. Thanks a lot Melissa, that's all I'll be thinking about the rest of the morning...or the next 2 months and 8 days :)