Our neighbors are freaking annoying.  Right now the guy above us is having a party and everyone up there is stomping around like freaking elephants.  I am about a minute away from going over to the buzzer outside and just holding it down.

The people below us do not like our dogs.  Twice now we have received notes about the dogs barking but guess what?  They forgot that thin walls work both ways.  Last Friday while laying in bed, Joey and I were treated to the sounds of their half-hour sex session, including moans, groans and several "Oh my Gods!"  Not to mention that she is ugly so that really makes for a nice image in my head.

As much as I am not exactly excited to go to Nigeria, I am so excited to move out of this loud, unfriendly, dirty, cramped rowhouse!  At least in Nigeria we will have a big house with no shared walls and nice neighbors!


  1. Pretty please tell me that you are going to leave a "My dogs are complaining about the loud noise you were making the other night"

    Pretty please.

    One passive-aggressive note deserves another.

  2. really really really wanted to. had it already composed in my head too but mr. fancy pants vetoed it.