I retract my earlier statement about not having seen a cockroach in the house since receiving the mothballs.  Just found one in the absolute worst location: my bedroom.  Biggest one yet, and did you know they flipping fly?  I'm taking out my earrings, exhausted, ready for bed and found it on the ceiling.  I immediately called for Joey, who came up with the bug spray - he hit the bug and it took off flying.  F-L-Y-I-N-G.  I ran to the other room and I hear him using my favorite four-letter word repeatedly. 

Me (screaming): "Why are you saying that?" 

Joey: "I can't find it." 

Me (still screaming): "Find the flipping thing." 

Joey: "I'm trying."  Eventually I hear the flap of his shoe.  And then again, and again, and again, and again.  "The damn thing won't die!" 

Its finally dead, and I even took a photo of it and the carnage it left in our bedroom from Joey's search.  FML.


  1. Give yourself another couple months and it will be you, war cry and all, going after these dasterdly buggers! Really, in the future you'll be like, "that's a bug? that tiny, boring thing? that doesn't even qualify". But I must admit the flying ones are a bit freaky.

  2. Watch your "potty mouth!" Your dad just asked me what "FML" meant!