work hazards

I got an unexpected email at work a few weeks ago:

Subject: Security Alert ****Cobra


Please it was reported this morning that a cobra was located at the pent house of this building.  I am working with the Post Occupational Safety and Health Officer on the best way to resolve this.

Please keep all windows locked; please ensure as you enter the office that the main entry door is locked and nothing is following you behind!

Please be vigilant until this serpent is captured or killed.


Isn't that fabulous?  The best part: we never got a follow-up.  For all I know, the serpent is still at large.  Lovely.


  1. We just had a good laugh about this one over opur evening glass of wine. TY for posting ;)

  2. I love you, but now I can never ever visit you in Nigeria. Ever. I'm terrified of Gardner snakes, let alone venomous snakes.


  3. Also, James suggests you call G.I. Joe.

  4. I particularly love the part about looking behind you to make sure the CAL (culprit at large) is not hot on your heels and entering the building with stealth. Good OPSEC would have you covered anyway.