it's not you, it's me.

Seriously, would everyone please stop inviting us out?  I know my combination of charm, wit and extensive vocabulary of four-letter words makes me irresistible, but I really just don't want to go to your dinner.  Okay, while I'm honored for the invitation and do realize it's probably not my sparkling personality but that everyone stuck here for the holidays is lonely too, I still don't want to go.  I don't mean to sound stuck-up, but I just don't feel like putting on a bra and makeup to go eat your meal out of a can.  Or to stand around making small talk about the same three topics while drinking the same three beverages available to me at home.  Just because everybody works together does not mean that we all have to be together all the time.  Let's face it:  besides where we live and how much we love it here, we really don't have that much in common.  So thanks, but no thanks.  

Really though, when you live in a fishbowl, how do you draw the line?  In such a small community, is it at all possible to avoid offending your co-workers (who also happen to be your neighbors) because you didn't attend their event?  
So maybe it makes me a bitch because I skipped the girl's night and my neighbor's brunch and don't want to share my Christmas dinner with anyone besides my husband.  I won't apologize for choosing to sit at home in my hot pink sweatpants with Joey and the dogs and eat popcorn and chocolate chips by the bag and drink wine by the bottle this holiday season.  I prefer to think of myself as an introvert who misses her family and friends and snow and America and just doesn't feel like putting on a brave face to go shoot the shit with people she barely knows on Christmas.  Is that really so bad?

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  1. No, it's not bad. That's what I'm doing this holiday season. I was glad that the important parties were at the beginning of the month, so now I can take the time to concentrate on my little family here. Christmas will be lonely for us probably 8 out of every ten years, so we're building our own traditions and practices so we can always look forward to spending the holidays TOGETHER, albeit missing everyone and everything back home.

    I think you have it harder in Nigeria, for sure... our family is only 4 hours by plane away from us. However, that doesn't make it any easier for them to come visit, nor does it make their absence any easier. I can only imagine what it'll be like in Indonesia, a full 30 hours of flying away (i.e. half a world).

    Important part: to hell with what other people think. I gave up on that about 2 months into our post here. If someone thinks I'm that sailor-mouthed, opinionated, probably-drinks-too-much EFM, I really don't care. You make close friendships at post, and those who truly are dear friends (i.e. you WILL actually keep in touch after departing) won't give a rat's ass about you holing up in your house with enough chocolate and wine to survive the zombie apocalypse. They'll welcome you back to the social circuit when you're ready.