the amalfi coast

Our cruise ship docked next in Salerno, Italy.  Initially we'd planned to take a ferry to Capri, but when we learned the ferry would take an hour and a half each way, my propensity to sea-sickness overruled our initial plans in favor of a closer destination: Amalfi.

Amalfi Cathedral
One cappuccino and one espresso later, we toured the grand cathedral, its cloister and chapel.   We drifted through the scenic sea-side town, stopping first for a Caprese salad and later for fresh lemon cream cake that tasted just like our wedding cake.

As we still had plenty of time before we had to meet the boat, we decided to take another ferry a little farther, to the even lovelier Positano.  We continued our gustation tour of the Amalfi Coast with some incredible pizza and lemon granita; in the meantime I found an incredible pair of handmade, hot-pink, Italian leather loafers.

In Positano
The ferry back to Salerno was completely miserable.  Dark clouds had rolled in, bringing with them bumpy waves on which we were stuffed like sardines.  I spent the entire hour with my head between my legs, praying I didn't have to take my pretty new shoes out of the yellow shopping bag to vomit.  But I made it to Salerno with all the food I'd eaten still gurgling in my belly.  We embarked on the cruise ship for the last time, headed to Rome for the final leg of our R&R.

As always, click here for the rest of my pictures from the Amalfi Coast.

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