After Kusadasi, we returned to the Greek Isles for a stop in Mykonos.  I really wanted to go to the island of Delos to see the Temple of Apollo; Joey graciously acquiesced even though all he wanted to do was lay on the beach.

We bought round-trip tickets for the ferry through the deep sapphire waters to the island.  Once on Delos, we waited in line to buy a ticket to enter the archaeological site, only to discover that credit cards were not accepted and the only cash we had was not enough to buy tickets.  Luckily, the elderly man operating the ticket booth was kind enough to accept our eight euros as payment enough.  His wasn't the only instance of kindness that day; after an hour under the hot sun on the remote island, we ducked into the cafe, hoping it would accept credit cards and we could buy a drink.  The cafe didn't take cards either, but the young man behind the cash register handed us a free glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice anyway.  I have to admit, I didn't find the "piles of rocks," as Joey calls them, nearly as impressive as the islanders' generosity.

Hungry and hot, we boarded the ferry back to Mykonos for lunch.  We spent the rest of the day zigzagging through the white-washed town, and Joey even managed to find time for a swim.
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